Do’s and Don’t of Transplanting Seedlings

Do’s and Don’t of Transplanting Seedlings


  1. Deep watering is required after Transplanting your Seedlings.
  2. Put your Seedlings into the shade for 2-4 days after Transplanting then move them into sunlight slowly slow for better growth.
  3. When you buy any Seedlings from any nursery just wrap it in some newspaper and wet it with water (the paper should be moist).
  4. Always use light soil media just like sand.
  5. Always Transplant your Seedlings in the evening after sunset.
  6. Early morning dew is best for baby plants and a good source of vitamins.
  7. Select only those Seedlings which have at least 3-4 true leaves.


  1. Don’t Transplant your Seedlings direct into large pots. Use 2-3 inch pot for Transplanting your Seedlings after then shift them into large pots.
  2. Don’t mix any kind of fertilizer into soil media at the time of Transplanting
  3. Don’t use any chemical fertilizer at least for 15 days.
  4. Don’t water with shower on newly Transplanted Seedlings.

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