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Basic gardening tips for beginners

Be Patient
The first and most important tips is “Be Patient”. gardening is a slow process, plants will take time to be mature. They will not grow up overnight so please Be Patient.

Be careful while watering into plants. Thumb rule for water, Do water early in the morning or late in the evening after sunset. Don’t do overwatering. First, try to understand the plant’s needs. Some plants love water/moisture and some plants like drought called drought-tolerant plants. E.g Bougainvillea, Cactus, Succulents, Lantana, and Lithops, etc. Water only when topsoil got dry.

Grow Plant According To Season
First, understand the season of the plants. Most of us do mistake on this and try to grow non Seasonal plants and after someday seeds will sprout but the plant will not grow because the climate is not suitable for it and it will die. This will demoralize us. So choose seeds/plats as per your climate’s need.

Sun Light
Sunlight required and mandatory for the photosynthesis system of plants. Sunlight is needed for photosynthesis because solar energy is what is converted to chemical energy by the plant’s chloroplasts. This energy is necessary for the production of glucose, which provides usable energy for the plant. The chloroplasts contain the green pigment chlorophyll, which absorbs the sun’s light. We need to understand the sunlight requirement of the plant and need to provide sunlight According to its need. Mostly flowering plant requires a minimum of 5-6 hours of direct light. There are many indoor plants that can be grown without direct sunlight.

Pot Selection
Pot Selection plays an important role in container gardening. Don’t plant your seedling/saplings directly into larger ones. Start with 2-3 inch pot then report it when roots come out from the bottom of the pot. Large pot Selection may hamper your seedling.

Potting Mix
Always remember to use well-drained light media for container gardening. Mostly plants don’t like over water and well-drained media help to throw out access water from the pot. And lightweight media also good for roots when plant starts growing. Try to use river sand into your Potting mix for well drainage system. Ideal potting mix contains 60% garden soil + 20% Compost + 20% River Sand.

All plants need food to grow so please make fix time interval to provide food to your plants (E.g 15 days interval). The best time for full Feeding is beginning in the spring.