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How to Grow Lemon plants into pots

Lemon Plant Growing Tips

A lemon tree is good to have a plant for your home which gives very mild citrus fragrance. Growing a lemon plant is very easy. It is very hardy and easy to grow the plant as long as it gets its basic needs. Growing a lemon plant is a very rewarding experience.

If you are going to grow the lemon plant into pots then you need to keep few things in your mind.

  1. A select dwarf variety of lemon plant
  2. Pot size should be at least 16-inch depth
  3. Lemon plants are very cold-sensitive plants
  4. They require a minimum of 4-5 hours of sunlight.
  5. The lemon plant should be planted/placed near the south side of your home as lemon plants need protection from frost.
  6. If you are growing indoor then please use growing light.
  7. It loves well-drained acidic soil.
  8. Potting mix (50% garden soil, 20% river sand, 20% compost and 5-10% cocopeat.
  9. Check and open the drainage hole of the pot while filling your potting mix.
  10. Lemon plant required consistent watering to produce healthy fruits.
  11. Giving too less or too much water can lead the fruit drops.
  12. Always water when your top layer of soil got dry.
  13. In summers it requires more frequent watering but in winter water only when required.
  14. In summers you do mulching to maintain moisture for a longer period. Which also helps to stop growing weeds into the pot. You can your rice husk, cocopeat or peat moss, moss grass for mulching.
  15. A most important part of growing lemon if feeding/fertilizing. It is a very heavy feeder plant. It required heavy doses to produce heavy fruiting. Generally, it required lots of nitrogen. So please use which is high in nitrogen. You can use Bonemeal, Vermicompost, Slow-release NPK (12-6-6).
  16. You can add fertilizer in an interval of 15-20 days.
  17. The most common problem of lemon is leaves turn yellow due to nitrogen deficiency. Icon and magnesium deficiency also caused yellow leafs problem. You can use Epsom salt or zyme to overcome this problem.
  18. It required pruning after its fruiting to get more fruit next time. It will not produce fruits if you don’t prune at the right time.
  19. Cut all the damaged branches to get more new shoots. Just remember to use a sharp cutter to cut the branches or pruning.
  20. Regularly monitor/inspect your plant for insect attack and Requlary spray neem oil or garlic spray to prevent insect attack.